David Ono
David OnoProducer | Writer
David Ono is the co-anchor for ABC7 Eyewitness News, Los Angeles at 4pm and 6pm. He grew up in Texas and is a graduate of the University of North Texas.

David joined ABC7 in 1996. During his tenure, David has hosted Eye on L.A. and co-anchored Eyewitness News with his current co-anchor Ellen Leyva for close to two decades. He has witnessed history worldwide, covering Hurricane Katrina, Haiti’s earthquake and Japan’s tsunami. He traveled across Europe and Asia chronicling brave acts of the Nisei soldier from World War II. He attended the Royal Wedding in London, tracked drug runners through Central America and reported from Paris on a terrorist plot to bring down the Eiffel Tower.

Ono has trained with the FBI and the elite Los Angeles Sheriff’s SWAT team. President Obama invited him to the White House for an exclusive interview. And he witnessed white smoke at the Vatican twice – in 2005 for the selection of Pope Benedict the 16th and 2013 for the selection of Pope Francis. He has won four Edward R. Murrow awards and 17 Emmys.

Jeff MacIntyre
Jeff MacIntyreProducer | Camera | Editor
Since 1988, Jeff MacIntyre has been producing reality-based/news TV content and documentaries. He’s the owner of the Los Angeles-based production company, Content Media Group. Jeff’s garnered 34 Emmy nominations and won 11. He believes everyone has a story to tell and, working with ABC News, has traveled the world to bring those stories to light. David & Jeff recently received their fifth Edward R. Murrow Award for the “The Legacy of Heart Mountain”…one of the highest honors in broadcast journalism!

Jeff’s been in the digital trenches since dial-up. Proud to be a New Media Loud Mouth, he travels the world to share his enthusiasm with students and creative content creators. Jeff’s roots lie in radio. He’s been cracking the mic ever since he started using Clearasil. For over 15 years, Jeff MacIntyre hosted a nationally syndicated radio show. He graduated top of his class at USC with a BA in Communications and a minor in Third Person Biography Composition.