Research Your Family’s Internment History

If you’d like to research your family’s history, here’s a valuable resource from The National Archives. It’s a searchable database containing records about Japanese Americans relocated during World War II, documenting the period 1942 – 1946.

Japanese-American Organizations

The Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

The Japanese American National Museum

Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project

Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center

Washington State University: George and Frank C. Hirahara Photograph Collection

Yakima Valley Museum, Washington

Japanese American Museum of San Jose

Heart Mountain Mementos

Heart Mountain Barracks Directory
Heart Mountain Barracks DirectoryEnglish & Japanese
This directory lists names of internees identified as head of household at Heart Mountain Relocation Center in 1944. View
Heart Mountain Quarterly Census
Heart Mountain Quarterly Census318 pages. English.
This census contains data for those interned at Heart Mountain Relocation Center on March 31, 1944. View
Heart Mountain Carpenters Club
Heart Mountain Carpenters ClubEnglish & Japanese
This directory lists carpenters working at Heart Mountain according to work group. View
Heart Mountain - Tempo Yearbook
Heart Mountain - Tempo Yearbook1944 Edition
The Tempo was the yearbook for Heart Mountain High School. View
Heart Mountain Relocation Pamphlet
Heart Mountain Relocation Pamphlet16 pages. English.
This pamphlet is focused on the relocation of Japanese Americans that started in 1942. It includes information of the Relocation Program. View
When You Leave the Relocation Center
When You Leave the Relocation Center13 pages. English.
This pamphlet includes information about how Japanese Americans leaving the relocation centers can integrate back into American society. View