The Legacy of Heart Mountain – Documentary

Imprisonment of Americans in Concentration Camps. Strength of the Human Spirit.
A documentary about one of the most profound chapters of American history.

Unity Award

Four Emmy Awards

Two Edward R. Murrow Awards

A Powerful American Story – Most Don’t Know

heart-mountain-guardThe Japanese-American Internment goes against everything our founding fathers envisioned. Aside from the illegal acts perpetrated by the US government, the loss of personal freedom, dignity and property live forever. It’s time to pick up where the two paragraphs in history books leave off and pay respect to a group of people who paid the ultimate price – solely because of their nationality.
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Heart Mountain Facts

The Heart Mountain War Relocation Center, named after nearby Heart Mountain and located midway between the towns of Cody and Powell in northwest Wyoming, was one of ten concentration camps used to incarcerate Japanese Americans removed from the West Coast during World War II.

Heart Mountain Barracks
Workers to Build Camp
Days to Build Camp
Total Internees in 3 Years
Peak Population

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